Tracklist For Morrissey’s Upcoming Olive Garden Concept Album

Here is a sneak peek at the tracklist for Morrissey’s upcoming concept album, Olive Garden Waste Of Time:


1. My Hopes Are Thinner Than The Vegan Options At Olive Garden

2.  Life After The Culver City Olive Garden Location Refused To Accept My Coupon

3. How Can Anyone Possible Enjoy The Hell On Earth That Is Olive Garden

4. The Breadsticks Are No Longer Unlimited

5. Bar Shut The Doors To The Culver City Olive Garden

6. My Arms Empty, My Mushrooms Stuffed

7. Is It That Difficult To Find My Reservation, It Could Only Be Under “M”

8. A Miniature September 11th Happens Every Day In Olive Garden Kitchens Nationwide

9. There Is A Place In Hell For The Manager Of The Culver City Olive Garden

10. Take My Hand, For I Am Drowning In Dipping Sauce

11. I’ll Reluctantly Admit That $6.99 Is A Great Price For The Classic Tuscan Duo

12. Olive Garden Lunch Disaster 2015

13. Darling, I’ve Decided To Try Applebee’s

14. If Olive Garden Were Around In The 1940s, Hitler Would Have Gone Nuts For It