Science For The Epic Motherfreaking Win

by Boring as Heck

I fucking love science. Science for the motherfricking epic win. Don’t know if you’ve seen the shit I’ve been sharing on Facebook, but it’s a lot of stuff about science and how fucking epically motherbitching sick it is. It’s cool to talk about science using swear words. The swear words make the science better.

You see what Takei posted the other day? Yeah, the funny picture with big words written over the picture. Epic much? The man knows his internet – he’s practically made of win. His posts are basically just a big order of win with a side of fucking epic bacon and a bunch of fucking sriracha sauce poured on top. Shit yes. Science.

My favorite scientist? No question, it’s Tesla. Tesla is for the win. Simple as that, my man. He’s win and Edison is fail. If Edison was around today, I’d kick him in the dick. I hate Thomas Edison and love Tesla because of some insanely freaking epic webcomics I’ve read, where he’s riding a dinosaur and just doing altogether random shit. Tesla much? He’s epic as hell, which, by the way, is where Edison is. Or he would be, if hell was a real place, which it’s not. That reminds me, you see that image macro about how stupid those failshit Christians are? Bacon for the win.

Science… fuck yeah. The cool part about learning science on Facebook is that they use pictures and the words aren’t very big and you get to browse Facebook the entire time. Plus, the swearing. You can’t swear in school which is bullshit. I think I would like school a lot more if it was compacted down into meme format. Like instead of summer reading we could just look at like 10 to 20 different memes a day. Neil deGrasse Tyson for the motherepic shit win.

Don’t know if you’ve seen that science meme gallery on Imgur, but god damn, son – epic as motherfreaking hell. Science Wonka, Science Grumpy Cat – just like sriracha, there’s nothing that can’t be improved by adding science. Tell that to those insane Christians down in the South though. I’m not afraid to say it – religion is a huge fail.

Mother of Cthulhu… you see this Kickstarter for a gaming webcomic? Jesus mothershitting MechaChrist on a motorcycle… my wallet. Gaming webcomics are a massive win. I love to game and read comics about gaming. The characters are sarcastic as hell and say rude things with no consequences. I’m extremely jealous of them.

I’m going to buy this sick t-shirt I found online that says I Fucking Love Science on it. I’m going to literally pay money for that shirt. Well, the “fucking” part will be censored because otherwise my mom won’t let me use her credit card. Everyone will know how much I love science because that’s what it says on my shirt. Definitely gonna be a key part of the shirt rotation, behind I Fucking Love Bacon and this hilarious one where a bunch of those Russian guys from history are dancing and drinking. Yeah, like a party. That’s the joke. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and read the latest Tesla listicle and then share it on Facebook so everyone knows that I know who Tesla is. Sweet zombieshitting Jesus – I just realized Tesla never got to try sriracha.